Sunday, October 07, 2007


Emotions are your guidance...

Emotions are your guidance...

How you feel (your feelings or emotions) are guiding you by indicating back to you what you are thinking. This is quite a spectacular thing! Make sure you get this.

How you feel emotionally is a direct indicator of what you are thinking, as well as how you feel physically is also a perfect indicator of where your thought processes predominantly are! Remember that one of the basic rules of these pain disorders is that the pain is a "signal" to become aware of what you are thinking.

It is your thoughts that create inner tension, stress and anxiety. This is why it is vital to know your unique thought processes. As you think a certain way over and over and over (fear, anger, striving, controlling) you are creating.
Your emotions or feelings are telling you what you are creating within you by how you feel. You may feel stressed, tense, or depressed or wrung out or scattered. Look back at what you have been predominantly thinking about.
You may feel sluggish, sore and stiff and have a nagging pain in your back, butt or neck. Same guidance system. Remember your emotions are physically located in your body. They guide you by letting you know how you feel (frustrated-out of controll and sore/stiff/pain).

What you are thinking and how you feel is Always in direct correlation with each other. In fact they are a perfect match! Always.

Instead of trying to change how we feel...(go to the doctor, take meds, perform a new stretch, or wrap up our body parts) OR (find a new job, change a relationship, make more money, buy more stuff, move somewhere better)

All of these things may temporarioy ease how we feel, but will never fix it. So instead of trying to change how we feel, the only way to permanently feel better and end our pain (emotionally and physically) is to change or switch how we predominantly THINK.

Monte Hueftle

Saturday, August 25, 2007


What you are feeling right now is the point of your...

What you are feeling right now is the Point of your Attraction
What you are feeling right now in this moment, in your thoughts, your emotions, and your body, is the point of your attraction.

This is the Law of Attraction and it is absolute truth in every situation and condition in your life.

It is also the most accurate representation of what you are experiencing with this pain disorder.

------- -------- ----------- ----------- -----------

What you are feeling right now in this moment, in your thoughts, your emotions, and your body, is the point of your attraction.

If you are feeling frustrated, worry, anger, controlling, striving, resentment, closed-off, shut-down, repressed, depressed, or why can't I just figure this out and be well, then you are attracting into your life, your experiences and your body more of the same.

Worry is repression and attracts more closed off repressed experiences and feelings. Anger is repression and attracts the same. Striving, yes striving is repression and attracts more of the same....In this disorder, the same means conditions of pain, soreness, fatigue, ect.

Many people know and understand this concept, The Law of Attraction.
It is also the dynamic that is playing out in TMS. Why? becasue tension induced pain is a thought induced pain disorder. Emotional energy gets stuck-blocked--repressed in our body and through our intelligent nervous system blood vessels restrict oxygen flow and the result is pain sensations of various degrees and diff. varieties...thank you Candace Pert.

We know it, we pretty much understand it, then why is it so challenging to reverse/eliminate? We get what we focus on, what we attract more of is what we are thinking about consciously or unconsciously. Old habitual, conditoned thought process just keep racing through our minds.

So one of the big keys to reversing this pain disorder is to Stop attracting the repressing thoughts/conditions which are bascially producing the pain. We must get our focus/attention/thoughts off of "I am in pain" "how do I get rid of this" "who can get rid of it for me" "what medications/treatments/exercises can end this" type of thinking and we have to also get our focus/attention/thoughts out of (worry, anger, controlling, frustration, striving, would of, should of, could of, ect.) type of thinking. The focus in both of these thought patterns is attracting more of the same, which means it is creating pain in your body or maintaining pain, but in No Way is it reversing the pain cycle. And that is the case even when you know, understand and Accept the Tms diagnosis.

So we eliminate as much as we can one way of thinking and focus and we must then Consciously generate new thoughts which produce new feelings.
We want our body to feel good, heal, be healthy right? So your focus must be on openness vs repressed, accepting vs controlling, I'm getting better, I can do this vs how is this going to end.

This is where it can get tricky. we want to feel good but we end up focusing on how bad we feel. We get more of what we focus on. If we want to feel good, we have to generate thoughts that help us feel good or at the very least a little bit better. Does it feel good to worry? Does it feel good to always be in a controlling mindset? Does it feel good to be in frustration or anger about this and that? Of couse not, and then you add in the fact that these type of thoughts are generating and maintaining pain sensations for tms'ers you get a double whammy.

You can begin to switch your thoughts and feelings when you make the choice to become conscious of what you are thinking about....if it doesn't feel good switch the thought to one that feels better. You can do this and it gets easier the more you do it without trying to control the outcome and without putting pressure on yourself to do it perfectly.

It works because it is the law of attraction in process.

Monte Hueftle

Saturday, April 21, 2007


wisdom from caroline myss

Our emotions reside physically in our bodies and interact with our cells and tissues.'
Caroline Myss

now put the process of oxygen deprivation into this very significant our emotions get stuck and blocked think about how this effects your muscle and nerve tissue!

now with that knowledge, understand how important it is to begin to observe your emotions and what a big, huge deal it is to open up this emotional energy vs keeping it bottled up (repressed) within our system.

Monte Hueftle

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Become aware, observe, and stand up.

Become aware, observe, and stand up.
It is a simple and challenging practice to begin the reversal of this pain disorder.

Become aware of your inner voice(s)....yes you have more than one!

Listen to your "worry" voice, your "angry", your "enthusiastic" voice, listen to

the voice that wishes your life was different than the way it is right now.

That's easy right? We hear these voices all the time. They're always there.

Now, make it your practice while observing this inner chatter to become aware of how you are feeling when a particular voice is present.

Next, have it your intention to interupt the voices that are causing you pain (worry, complaining, anger, resenting, wishing, if would of, could of, should of, ect.)

Now actually interupt that voice...yes talk to it, tell for example, that worry voice, that you are not putting your energy into worry, question this voice, have a genuine dialogue with it, and then keep doing whatever you are doing, and do it without that worry voice present.

This is a big, huge first recognize or become aware of your chatter. You listen to it, and then you interupt it by talking to it. And then and this is the great big huge part, you keep living, keep doing what you are doing but you do it without that voice (part of you) being active...This is what it means to experince the mystery or the experience your life without having that (worry, anger, resentment, ect.) with you for comfort. This is what it means to experience emotional energy that usually gets repressed.

This is how you Stand Up to your unconscious, comfortable repression activities like worry....You stand up and right in front of that part of you that likes to worry-- you do whatever it is you are doing and you do it without the worry....simple? yes, challenging? oh yeah, allows you to experience? great big yes. stops repression? absolutely.

This is the practice! This should now become your discipline. This is where you want to spend your energy/focus...This is how you reverse this pain disorder. This is also why you can't just read a book or talk to a therapist or read and write on message boards and heal from this disorder....It takes
a great deal of discipline, focus and willingness to change from your comfortable--"please just give me a shot, drug, treatment" and into "okay, this is what I have to do"...and then relentlessly this becomes your practice while forgetting the (when, how soon, are you sure) this works BS. Do it.

It works!

Monte Hueftle

Monday, March 26, 2007


Control the Cause and let the circumstances be...

Control the Cause and let the circumstances be...
In this intelligent physical pain disorder we can effect change, we can reverse the pain strategy by controlling our focus and attention.

We can control/choose/initiate/respond with our thoughts and actions.

We cannot however, control the effect or circumstance that is responding to our focus/attention. Accept this and you can immidiately release tension and anxiety of will this work, how is it working, when will it work B.S.

We make the choice to be more present and aware. We make the choice to be more open, trusting and do our work up-front, not behind the scenes. We make the choice to respond without (anger, jealousy, resentment, ect) which are repression activities. We make the choice to go inside with our feelings instead of entertaining "injury think"--who is going to fix me, how is my body going to be repaired B.S..We make the choice to stop the physical treatments that are only treating symptoms and "feeding' the pain strategy.

So that is our part. That is where our focus is.

The effect, the reversal of the pain strategy, the elimination of pain symptoms is now out of our control. We have done our part. We now stay the course of our new practice of being, allowing, accepting, openness, trust.

Just as the pain symptoms arrived in our body/life with help from our chronic, repressing thinking patterns, they too will leave as we change/switch away from our chronic, repressing thinking patterns.

It is not our job to communicate when, how, where this is going to end. Accept that. Our job is to effect the change in our life through our practice of being open and non-repressing. The bio-chemical process will follow on its own accord.

If you want to add more stress/tension/anxiety to your life/body--try to control how when and where the pain should be gone. Just because we now know what is happening in our mind/body does not mean we have learned the reason for it being in our life. Is it possible we need to learn patience, endurance and/or trust?

Monte Hueftle

Sunday, March 18, 2007


All of your physical and mental stress...

"All of your physical and mental stress is rooted in issues of survival - concerns involving the lower three chakras"
C. Myss.

check out to learn more about. Below is a sample.
Power/Energy Center 1
Location: Base of Spine
Energy Connection to the physical body: Spine, legs, feet, rectum and immune system.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body: Foundation of emotional/mental health,
connection to family traditions and beliefs.
Effects: Chronic Low Back Pain, depression, sciatica, obssessive-compulsive, addictions, immune system disorders.
Issues: Fear of physical survival, group abandonment, ability to provide for yourself, feeling connection to home and physical world.
Spiritual Truth: All is One
Questions for Inner Investigation: What family beliefs have control over you? Do you haveunfinished business with any family members? Do you feel safe in life? Do you feel a strong or weak connection to the physical world? Why?

Power/Energy Center 2
Location: Couple of inches below your navel - lower abdomen
Energy Connection to the physical body: Pelvis-hip area, lower vertebrae, sexual organs, large intestine, bladder.
Energy Connection to the emotioanl/mental body: Energy center for personal power, one on one relationships, relationships with money, sexuality, creativity, our jobs, and our ability to control these areas of our life.
Effects: Chronic low back pain, sciatica, pelvic/hip pain, sexual & urinary problems, prostate/ovarian illnesses.
Issues: Fear of losing control, fear of losing personal power related to finances, job, relationships, fear of losing power in the physical body.
Spiritual Truth: Honor One Another
Questions for Inner Investigation: Are you a controlling person? Do you fear being controlled by others, finances, job? Are you positive about what you have created in your life? What do you want to create in your life? Do you feel you can create? Do you have a personal code of honor? Do you ever violate it? Why?

Power/Energy Center 3
Location: Solar Plexus area
Energy Connection to the physical body: Mid spine area, stomach, upper intestines, liver, adrenals and pancreas.
Energy Connection the emotional/mental body: Self-esteem and personality/ego.
Effects: Arthritis, chronic indigestion, ulcers, colon problems, adrenal dysfunction.
Issues: Fear of rejection, looking foolish, criticism and not meeting expectations or responsibilities. Fear related to your physical appearance. Fear others may find out our inner secrets.
Spiritual Truth: Honor Oneself
Questions for Inner Investigation: What do you like about yourself? Why? What don't you like about yourself? Why? What are you doing to change the things you don't like? Do you criticize others? Blame others? Is this a way of protecting yourself? Are you searchingfor a better life? What are you doing about it? Do you seek the approval of others? Why?
Do you honor yourself with respect? If not, why?

Monte Hueftle

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Live today fearlessly...

Have you thought about how much of your life you live in fear? And how much this fear generates inner tension within your system.

Examine right now areas of your life that you operate "behind the scenes". Investigate why you choose to live this way instead of "upfront, open and honest" with your self.

Are there certain personal relationships that you are involved in that you are more comfortable trying to "control and/or manipulate" from behind? Why is that? What about you feels the need to act this way?

Are there certain areas of our life such as "Money, or Career" that you are more comfortable operating behind the scenes? Why is that?

Realize that when you operate from behind the scenes vs upfront you are closing your self off. You are Not open.

Pick an area of your life that you know that you are operating from behind the scenes. Today, have the intention to switch this behavior and operate upfront and open! See what happens when you open up and move/operate in this "unknown, unfamiliar and uncomfortable" area.

Doing this will give you a big, huge insight into what it is like to "experience or feel" emotional energy that you normally repress in Fear. As a side benefit of this you will experience how to reverse or open up to healing this pain disorder.

So today have it your intention, your discipline to operate upfront in a particular area of your life that is normally occupied with fear. As you do this, as you go into this unknown yet emotionally transforming act stay present/conscious as much as you can. Resist the conditoned urge to "become overly self-conscious, judge, withdrawal, or control/manipulate". See what happens when you do not go into the old, conditioned behavior pattern and stay upfront, open and honest. It is well worth the effort.

Monte Hueftle

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